Travel Russian Awards Honors the Most Reliable Tour Operators in Russia

Adriana Smirnova, 04.02.2014 14:41
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On January 30, hotel Novotel Moscow City in Moscow hosted the Official Award Ceremony of Travel Russian Awards – ‘The Most Reliable Tour Operator in Russia’.

The ceremony was attended by Head of Tourism and Hotel Business in Moscow Sergei Shpilko, tour operator directors, travel market representatives and travel journalists.

The winning tour operators were Tez Tour, Coral Travel, Pegas Touristik, Natalie Tours, Biblio Globus, TUI, Anex Tour, Sunrise Tour, PAС Group, Roza Vetrov, Solvex-Travel, Mouzenidis Travel, as well as travel company Neva and tour operators DSBW, South Cross, Delfin and Russian Express.

Head of Tourism and Hotel Business in Moscow Sergei Shpilko
wished further success to the Award and to all the winners, and, on behalf of the organizers, presented Nikolai Nikolaievich Drozdov, a famous scientist, TV anchor and traveler, with an award in the category ‘Man of the World’, and gave a special award to the project ‘Channel One Russia Hotel Partnership Programme’.

Another special award
in the category ‘Symbol of Hospitality and Reliability’ went to the project’s partner – hotel Novotel Moscow City.

“Before Travel Russian Awards Ceremony, there was a rating of the most reliable tour operators in Russia, published by Travel Russian News magazine and Marketing communications agency PR2POINT at the end of December. For this rating, our partner – website Superjob – polled about 1,600 tourists across 205 cities and towns of Russia, and the results of this poll served as the basis for the most reliable companies list, the leaders of which we are honoring today. I would like to stress that there are no winners and losers here – each and every company that receives an award is equally appreciated by the Russians!” said in her opening speech Head of the organizing committee and Editor in chief of Travel Russian News Alina Khorosheva.

The whole evening in the ‘Moscow’ hall, which hosted the ceremony, was permeated by light and festive air, created by live music and fashion show ‘Sea Breeze’, which showcased designer clothes from the collection ‘Geometry of the soul’ by a young fashion designer from Moscow Svetlana Glinkina. Guests readily took the stage and sincerely thanked each other for reliable partnership.

“We used Superjob as an online platform for the poll. Respondents were asked to name three tour operators they considered to be the most reliable. People also left comments about the trips with these tour operators, and almost 100% of them were positive and very soulful, which is all the more striking when set against the backdrop of the more usual negative opinions on travel business. This is probably not our last collaborative poll – the country needs to know its heroes,” said
Head of Social and Marketing Research for Superjob Natalia Golovanova.

“On behalf of the company I want to thank the organizers of the awards. Such ratings not only help us stay competitive, but also catalyze further development of our product. To all the tourists who voted for our company I want to say that we will continue to organize high-quality trips, provide good service and bring positive emotions. A few words about Travel Russian News magazine. We have been cooperating for about a year and a half, and this is not only a perfect springboard for greater publicity, but also a source of relevant, professional and independent information,” said
PR-manager of Anex Tour Yelena Zakharova.

Irina Glazkova, Deputy General Director of Roza Vetrov, proceeded to say the following: “It is a great pleasure to receive positive feedback for your work. For 25 years we have been treating agencies and tourists with utmost care and respect, and we truly value the degree of trust that is afforded to us by our clients. We want to thank the organizers for their painstaking efforts of collecting so many votes for our company and for all the other Russian operators.”

“January was marked by growing sales, then the euro rate started increasing, and I expected sales to drop. To my surprise, the opposite has happened – they grew. Agencies explained this trend as follows: worried by the economic situation, people opt for more reliable companies. This shows the trust that tourists put in us. I want to wish all the nominees to stay reliable and to be deserving of the confidence that people have in us,” underscored
Karen Goncharov, General Director of DSBW.

The organizers of the award ceremony were Independent online magazine Travel Russian News, Marketing communications agency PR2POINT and website in collaboration with Channel One Russia.

Novotel Moscow City, which is owned by the world’s leading hotel group and Europe’s market leader Accor S.A., was the general partner of the event.

International company Mikenopa, which operates in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Greece and Russia, acted as an organizing partner and technical sponsor of the award ceremony. The company supplies modern IT technologies and provides technical support for events at various venues.

Group of companies Luding Ltd was another organizing partner and the sponsor of the buffet. Luding has been present on the Russian market since 1993, during which time it has become the leader in its segment.

The evening ended with unorthodox presents from the company Victoria’s Classic Cars – three certificates for a driving tour in a vintage car through Moscow.

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