High-altitude Adventure Park opens in Sochi

Adriana Smirnova, 08.08.2014 12:17
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Skypark, the first adventure park in Russia, is now open for a pilot run in Sochi. This project is organized by New Zealand company AJ Hackett International, which has been opening similar parks since 1988 in different countries (New Zealand, Australia, China, Singapore, France, Germany). The company is owned by New Zealander Alan John "A. J." Hackett, who was the first ever to use bungee jumping for commercial purposes.

The main attraction of the park is the world’s longest suspension footbridge that hangs at the altitude of 270 m. Its total length is 520 m.

Freestyle bungee-jumping attraction “Bungy” is currently open (freefall from the altitude of 69 m). There are several variants of performing a jump: swan-dive; facing backwards; running jump; hanging jump; and the most avid thrill-seekers can be “thrown out” into the abyss by the instructors. In the future, tandem jumps will also be available.

The highest bungee jumping platform in Europe (freefall from the altitude of 207 m) is planned to be opened in late July, and in August it will be possible to ride the highest swings in the world called SochiSwing, the closed capsule of which will lift you 170 m up into the sky. The opening of a zip-line MegaTroll is planned for the same month – it is a special device made of a rolls system and a carriage that will let you slide along a metal cable at the height of 207 m and at a speed of up to 150 km/h (~93 m/h). An extremely reliable safety system is installed at this attraction. One, two or three persons at a time can ride the zip-line.

In autumn, a 1,200 m² climbing wall is planned to be opened, as well as an amphitheater at the edge of the gorge.

Tatiana Chernova, from Skypark customer service department, told TRN that the park is located in Adlersky City District of Sochi, not far from Golitsyno village. It is still at a testing stage, with official opening slated for October. The price of an adult ticket is 700 rubles ($20), for children’s ticket (5-12 years old) – 350 rubles ($10). Attractions other than the suspension bridge are paid for separately. Travel companies are offered special cooperation conditions.

According to Ms Chernova, there are still not many visitors in the park because the advertising campaign has not been launched yet.

Skypark is the second world-class amusement park in Sochi. There is also the Black sea’s version of Disneyland called “Sochi Park”, the opening of which was tied to the start of the Olympics. Its design draws inspiration from the cultural and historical heritage of Russia. Other entertainment options of the resort include park “Riviera”, several water parks, an aquarium, a dolphinarium, and a sea zoo. Soon, a special area for gambling will be opened here. Now Sochi has all it takes to be named the entertainment capital of Russia.

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