Bill of New Industry Law May be Introduced by End of Year

Adriana Smirnova, 03.02.2014 16:26
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Alexandr Radkov, Head of Rostourism, said at a Moscow press-conference that a coordinated concept of the new industry law may be developed by the end of the current year.

According to him, the discussion of the new bill is still quite lax among the travel business players, but this is something to be expected.

As for the results of the past year, there has been a positive growth dynamic. Alexandr Radkov said that the domestic tourist flow grew 6-8%, outbound tourist flow – 15%, and the number of international arrivals reached 15%.

He also added that the rate growth of the principal foreign currencies may lead to lower demand for trips abroad, which will in turn benefit domestic resorts. It all hinges on the scope of ruble’s devaluation. According to the website Tripadvisor, the bookings in Russia grew 25% during 2013.

This year’s federal target program for developing domestic and inbound tourism allocates 4 billion 259 million rubles to this purpose, which is twice as much as for the previous year.

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