Construction of Belokurikha-2 in Altai Krai

Alena Donskaya, 27.03.2014 08:14
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The project of the resort was included in the federal program ‘Developing Domestic Tourism in the Russian Federation’, and it is being financed from the state budget and from private capital. The construction is slated to end in 2018.

Belokurikha-2 resort is a fine example of the private and state partnership on the territory of Altai Krai, said Krai’s governor Alexandr Karlin at the ‘Intourmarket 2014’ Travel Fair.

He said that project Belokurikha-2 was included in the federal program ‘Developing Domestic Tourism in the Russian Federation’. The state budget covers the construction of the infrastructure (roads, power lines, gas pipelines), and private investors invest money in building accommodation facilities, entertainment complexes, restaurants and cafés.

According to Karlin, the current proportion of state funds to private funds is 7-8 rubles of extra-budgetary funds to 1 state ruble. He says that in time this ratio will change, and the amount of private investments will grow.

Belokurikha-2 is being built on the deposits of radon waters. These deposits are far bigger than those of Belokurikha-1, and the radon concentration is higher at this new resort.

Cottages with 3-5* studios and apartments and with 3 thousand rooms will be built in Belokurikha-2. Currently, the construction of the road that leads to the resort is being finished. The whole resort is projected to go operational in 2018.

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