Expert Opinion: More Cruise Tourists Come to Russia than Leave

Adriana Smirnova, 20.03.2014 09:00
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When it comes to the Russian cruise tourism industry, the rate of the inbound tourist flow exceeds that of the outbound tourist flow. This was reported by General Director of ‘Atlantis Line’ Natalia Andronova at the II Tourism Summit that took place at Intourmarket 2014.

More than 800 thousand foreign cruise liners come to St. Petersburg. After the 2014 Winter Olympics I consider Sochi one of the most promising cruise destinations, which will be gaining traction at a great rate. This year more than 100 thousand ship calls liners of the most famous cruise companies in the world will enter the city. It also helps that Sochi has a 72-hour visa-free regime, which will let foreign travelers freely spend some time here,” she says.

Indeed, more and more foreign companies are taking interest in Russia. Case in point – large company Silversea Cruises has recently included the Far East into its route network.

This year the tour operator has devised its itineraries in such a way that Russian tourists can board the liners on Korsakov Island or Providence Bay.

Travelers from Russia will also be able to start and finish this journey in Japan, though it will require them to get a double-entry Japanese visa.

Russian cruise market grew 68% last year. According to Atlantis Line, since the beginning of this year demand for cruises has been growing 40% a month.

A crucial factor in the development of the segment of sea cruises is whether foreign tour operators provide ‘Russian service’ on the liners. It includes the availability of the Russian-speaking staff and the Russian menu.

Atlantis Line has reached an agreement with Carnival Сruise Lines, according to which the company’s liners will provide this service during the course of the next year.

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