Russia and China to Work on New Tourism Products

Sergey Vladimirov, 27.11.2013 14:19
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During the First Russian-Chinese Culture and Tourism Forum that took place earlier in St. Petersburg, culture ministers of Russia and China, Vladimir Medinsky and Cai Wu, signed an agreement on new cooperation programs for 2014-2016, reports the TRN correspondent.

These programs will include the youth exchange program and developing new travel routes. The exchange program between Russian and China is slated to begin this year in December with a performance by a symphonic orchestra made up of young Russian and Chinese musicians.

According to Olga Golodets, the deputy prime minister for social affairs of Russia, “there were major breakthroughs in the relationship between the countries during the Year of Tourism, when they laid robust groundwork for further cooperation.”

“The tourist flow between our countries is now 3 million people, and much has been done for increasing this number,” she underscored. “Among our efforts are a few big investment projects and developing new tourism products.”

Her counterpart, vice premier of the Chinese State Council Wang Yang, added that “the results we have achieved so far plant seeds for future successes.” He is very optimistic about the Russian-Chinese tourist flow and says that in the coming years it can be increased at least 1.5 times.

By the way, the tourists from the Celestial Empire are starting to constitute the bulk of the tourist flow not only in the regions bordering China, but also in many major Russian cities. St. Petersburg, for instance, is estimated to have received 300 thousand Chinese tourists in 2012.

Local travel agencies consider this market to be one of the most promising.

“While the tourist flow from Europe has been stagnate for the past two years, China’s market, on the opposite, has been growing consistently,” says Valery Friedman, the general manager of the ‘Mir’ company. “We can even go as far as to say that the real growth of foreign tourism in St. Petersburg only happens thanks to the Asian markets (not counting the cruise sector).
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