Russian Rural Tourism to Get New Impetus for Development

Adriana Smirnova, 14.03.2014 13:38
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A new rural tourism project will be launched in April – the portal ‘Росагротуризм.рф’. This site will let Russian farmers share information about their farms, hotels and travel services for free. The site will be an aggregate of rural tourism offers from all over the country.

Росагротуризм.рф’ will feature a big interactive map of the country on its home page. Upon choosing a region, you will be able to easily find the closest hotels, check out photos and compare prices.

The author of the idea and the creator of the site is the ‘United Rural Development Center’ foundation (‘ЕЦРСХ’). The organization also manages all issues that have to do with the development and further promotion of the project ‘Росагротуризм.рф’.

ЕЦРСХ Foundation’s PR-manager Ksenia Slepovronskaya told TRN magazine that as of today more than 500 farmers from different subjects of Russia have displayed willingness to participate in the project.

From now on farmers will not have to spend additional money on promotion. This will undoubtedly provide powerful impetus for the development of the country’s domestic tourism. The project ‘Росагротуризм.рф’ is still a work-in-progress. ЕЦРСХ Foundation has recently filed a request for support to the regional and federal authorities and is now awaiting a response. The foundation expects active participation from the state bodies, since all its previous initiatives have always received enthusiastic support. For instance, the project ‘Росагроторг.рф’, the all-Russian virtual marketplace of natural products where farmers can create and promote their virtual shops free of charge, received the support of the Agricultural Development and Social Policy Department of the Russian Ministry of Agriculture,” she says.

The registration on the site is pretty straightforward and will not take more than 15 minutes. A farm’s representative needs to fill out a simple form: enter the name, surname, contact information, and the hotel’s address. It is also possible to add photos, create special offers and promote your services. In case there are any problems, the foundation’s employees will gladly help farmers register on the phone.

This kind of tourism still enjoys relatively low demand in Russia. Experts single out insufficient promotion of rural tourism in Russia as the main reason for that.

According to the Russian Ministry of Agriculture, 11 regions are engaged in developing rural tourism in Russia, and the segment’s share is measly 2%. According to the official data, there are currently about 1.5 thousand rural hotels in Russia, and unofficial sources put this number at 4 thousand.

The rural tourism sector is quite buoyant in Europe and yields about 20-30% of the total profit for the tourism industry.


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