Rosa Khutor to Welcome Tourists at the end of May

Adriana Smirnova, 20.02.2014 16:21
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The resort’s press service reports that Rosa Khutor will open for skiing on March 22.

Astravel Company told TRN magazine that there was a constant growth of demand for Sochi, and that booking for the end of March, April, May, summer, and even for autumn had already started.

“We take into account tourists’ wishes and offer combined programs which include both excursions to the central districts of Sochi and a holiday in Krasnaya Polyana. There is high demand among school students and business tourists,” says Head of Sochi destination at Astravel Svetlana Konyashkina.

She also said that the price of a four-day tour (without travel costs) starts at 20 thousand rubles ($559). The package includes excursions, accommodation and transfers. On average, bed and breakfast costs about 2 thousand rubles ($56) per night.

The expert pins her hopes on a rise in demand for Sochi this year, since there has been a heavy drop in tourist numbers for the past four years.

Sochi’s inbound tourist flow in 2014 is expected to grow 30% (15% will come from pent up demand and the other 15% – from the positive effect of the Olympics).

Alexey Grachev, Head of the Resorts and Tourism Department of the Sochi Administration, believes that the Olympics will give additional impetus to the development of business, ski and cruise tourism. By way of preparation for the main sporting event of the year, the city’s administration built and reconstructed 39 accommodation facilities with 22 thousand rooms in total.

Last year 3.8 million tourists spent their holidays in Sochi. The growth of the tourist flow for the spa and resort complex was 30%. The minimal price of stay in the resort spas is 1,200 rubles ($35) a day, which includes food and medical treatment.

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