Sochi’s Post-Olympics Inbound Tourist Flow May Grow 30%

Vladimir Savelyev, 10.02.2014 10:36
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During the years leading up to the Olympics, 39 housing units, with 22 thousand rooms in total, were built and reconstructed. Also, 880 hotels and spas, which collectively have 57 thousand rooms, were classified and rated. Four thousand specialists were trained for work in the hospitality industry. It was reported by Head of the Resorts and Tourism Department of the Sochi Administration Aleksey Grachev at a press-conference ‘Sochi – New World-Class Resort’.

He said that the Olympics would give additional impetus to the development of business, ski and cruise tourism. The new port is large enough for big cruise liners, and it will help Sochi become an all-year world-class resort.

Anatoly Bykov, the adviser to the Mayor of Sochi, spoke about the spa and resort capabilities of the city. According to him, Sochi is the territory of health. The resort has a few health-benefitting factors, which together produce a great curative effect. These factors are climate, iodine-bromine water for external use, four potable water springs and therapeutic muds. Also, encircling the city is the Caucasian nature reserve.

Bykov believes it necessary to not only develop the health and rehabilitation sectors of the spa-resort complex, but to also organize prophylactic treatment.

According to him, 80% of the people who consider themselves healthy actually have pre-existing conditions for a disease. In order not to get sick, they should undergo a course of prophylactic treatment.

Among other things built for the Olympics, the mayor’s adviser listed the rebuilt pedestrian path and pump rooms in Tsentralny City, Adlersky City and Lazarevsky City districts.

Head of the department for environmental education of Sochi National Park Andrey Penkovsky said that this year the park would be celebrating its 30th anniversary. The arboretum will be spruced up. For the past 2 years 160 itineraries have been organized – cultural and educational, pedestrian, equestrian and water ones, also there is a helicopter route.

Deputy General Director of RosYugKurort Spa-Resort Organization Valery Sychev said that after the Olympics the main agenda will be to win the tourists from the most popular sea destinations (Turkey and Egypt) over to Sochi.

He thinks that it is quite possible, provided that the consumer is offered a complex tourism product with an adequate price of accommodation and transit.

“If we adopt dumping policies, then we will not be able to attract new tourists,” he said.

According to Sychev, last year 3.8 million tourists spent their holidays in Sochi. The growth in tourist flow for the spa and resort complex was 30%. The minimal price of stay in the resort spas is 1,200 rubles ($35) a day, which includes food and treatment.

Sochi’s inbound tourist flow is expected to grow 30% this year (15% will come from pent up demand and the other 15% – from the positive effect of the Olympics).

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