Almost All-Year Flights from St. Petersburg to Vietnam

Sergey Vladimirov, 10.01.2014 09:39
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The good start of an unusual winter season offer – flight program from St. Petersburg to Vietnamese resort Nha Trang – led to a decision to extend it for the “slow” summer season, reports the TRN correspondent.

Pegas Touristik, the organizer of the flight program, decided to change plans and not to terminate it in April, instead extending it through September 26. This means that starting 2014 and until April two round-trip flight series (lasting 13 days each) from St. Petersburg to Nha Trang will be available, and then, upon the end of the high season, only one series will remain.

“The demand for flights from St. Petersburg to Vietnam has turned out to be pretty high, and since the latter has a few climate zones, it is possible to spend holidays there both in summer and in winter. That justifies the decision to extend flights to Nha Trang,” says Maria Bakerina, the general director of “Pegas Touristik St. Petersburg”.

Taking into account the fact that the flight program from St. Petersburg to Vietnam is slated to end at the end of September, and the new winter program starts in just a month, flights to Vietnam will be available virtually all year round.

The new program was well received indeed: at first, at the end of October of 2013, only one flight series was to be organized, but not a month later after its start it was decided to double the scope of operations by launching another series of the same volume and duration.

Currently the route is serviced by Ikar Airlines on the liner Boeing 767-300 with a seating capacity of 276 passengers. Companies “Versa” and “South Cross” sell tickets for the flights.

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