Travel Tax in Tunis Now to Be Effected Next Year

Alena Donskaya, 03.01.2014 09:14
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Travel tax in Tunis is to be imposed next year,  Head of Tunis Tourist Office in Moscow Mejid Kahlaoui told TRN, citing the country’s Tourism Minister Jamel Gamra. 

In an interview with Mosaic Radio Jamel Gamra said that one share of the tax will go to Compensation Fund, the other – to upholding the competitive power of Tunis on the travel market. He also noted that this year the tourist flow to Tunis has risen 5.4%.

The tax will amount to 2 dinars (about 40 rubles) per night in a hotel.

Travel companies are still uncertain as to how this measure will affect the market.

The way the tax will be levied is still unclear, will it be collected the moment tourists arrive at a hotel or when they move out – nobody knows. I think that the tax will be least noticeable for Russians if it is included into the price of a tour package,” says Natalia Margolina, the head of ICS Travel Group’s department for Tunis.

Previously, the tax was slated to be imposed on October 1, 2013. According to this year’s results, the country intends to attract 350 thousand tourists from Russia.

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