Up to 50% of Russian Visa Center Clients Travel at Least Twice a Year

Adriana Smirnova, 31.12.2013 09:25
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According to the latest VTsIOM poll, approximately 50% of visa center clients travel no more than once a year.

Almost a quarter of the respondents spend their vacation abroad twice a year (23%), and for another 16% the ratio is more than three times a year. Residents of big cities travel more: a third of Moscow visa center clients travel twice a year.

The biggest number of visas has been issued for the following most sought-after countries – Germany (19%), France (13%), and Spain (11%). Italy, Greece and Bulgaria also enjoy good demand.

Approximately 70% of visa center clients assess the work of the centers positively. Still, a quarter of clients suggest some changes that will improve service quality and speed, as well as streamline the document preparation process. Respondents commended visa centers for efficiency, highly qualified staff and the possibility to prepare documents through the Internet.

According to Head of Rostourism Alexandr Radkov, Russians, as per usual, want to spend their winter holidays in European countries: Finland, Switzerland, Denmark, the Czech Republic, Germany, France and the UK.

According to VTsIOM’s September study, 10% of Russians had planned a trip for the coming New Year holidays. On average, they were willing to spend 21,441 rubles per person during a trip.

The percentage of Russian tourists planning their trip half a year or more ahead is 14%, a few months ahead – 12% and a month ahead – 10%. Last minute destination picks are made only by 5% of the respondents.

About 3% of Russians are considering foreign destinations for their holiday, while 7% give preference to domestic tourism.

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