New Year Tours Became Cheaper

Adriana Smirnova, 24.12.2013 11:40
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New Year tours to Thailand, Egypt and the United Arab Emirates are at their all-time cheapest, the press service of told TRN.

In 2012 and 2013 the majority of New Year destinations were sold out. The price of tours with flights that take place starting mid-December and 8-15 January is traditionally being reduced.

As of December 15, the price of a trip to Egypt has dropped, stopping at 4,600 rubles (-34%), to Thailand – 11,300 rubles (-26%) and to the UAE – 11,000 rubles (-15%).

Unex company told TRN magazine that tour operators were forced to lower prices due to a sharp drop in demand.

Unex continued: “The period from mid-December to the end of January in the UAE is completely unprofitable, sales are going down. There are offers of 209 dollars for a tour to this country on the Internet right now.” believes that low tour prices can have a ripple effect on the quality of hotel service.

Fewer clients and low profits of Egyptian hotels for the past two years have already caused service quality to lower. The less money hotels make, the harder it is for them to maintain the service quality. Another risk of winter seasons is the high possibility of tour operators going bankrupt. Lower consumer demand and GDP growth rate faltering in the second half-year of 2013 have already affected many business spheres in Russia, including tourism. In the near future we expect another prominent tour operator to leave the market, and we are doing the best we can for it not to affect our tourists,” said  Andrey Borodin, the founder of service. 

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