Outbound Tourist Flow Increased 23% in Nine Months of 2013

Adriana Smirnova, 09.12.2013 17:41
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During the last nine months outbound tourist flow in Russia has increased 23% and reached 14.8 million people, as reported by Rostourism with reference to the data of Russian Federal State Statistics Service (Rosstat).

The most sought-after outbound destinations from January to September were Turkey (2.7 million people,+20%), Egypt (1.4 million people,+17%), Greece (1.1 million,+69%), Spain (887.1 thousand,+29%), China (787.2 thousand,-20%), Finland (787.1 thousand,+102%), Thailand (683 thousand,+23%), Germany (638.1 thousand,+20%), Italy (605.5 thousand,+31%).

On the other hand, there has been a decrease in Russian tourist flow for Norway (-31%), Croatia (-25%), and Lithuania (-71%). Malaysia suffered the most severe cutback in tourist arrivals (-100%).

A total number of 42.5 million Russians went abroad from January to March, which is a 14% year-over-year increase.

It seems that the growth rate of outbound tourism is likely to drop significantly in the fourth quarter. Many tour operators are upset about a slump in tour sales during October-November. It mostly has to do with the GDP decrease that started in the second half-year and is affecting the development of the service industry,” said Andrei Borodin, the founder of a tour booking service.

As for the inbound tourism market, it has also been buoyant lately.

The number of foreign tourists who have visited Russia has reached 2.3 million, which is a 6% YoY increase.

The greatest number of tourists came from Germany (346.4 thousand people,+2%), China (326.5 thousand,+18%), USA (181.9 thousand,+10%), UK (139 thousand,+16%) and Italy (100.5 thousand,-1%).

Experts used to forecast that only by 2015 would China become the leader in terms of tourist flow to Russia. The Chinese travel market is developing at a great pace, and while German arrivals exhibit a 6-8% annual growth, this figure is above 40% for the Chinese market.

The inbound tourist flow is on the rise from the following destinations: Cuba (+119%, 3,955 tourists), Romania (+30%, 6,791 tourists), Egypt (+29%, 3,864), Japan (+28%, 47,405).

At the same time, there has been a decrease in the number of tourists from Norway (-26%), Finland (-23%), and Croatia (-19%).

Just during the last nine months 23.9 million people have visited Russia for various reasons, which is a 10% increase compared to the last year’s results.

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