Kaliningrad Region will attract up to 3 million tourists a year

Alena Donskaya, 19.09.2014 11:46
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After completing project Amberlend, a new resort and entertainment town, the region aims to be attracting up to 3 million tourists a year.

“The unique project will improve the image of Kaliningrad Region while also attracting new investors, which, in turn, will exponentially increase the tourist flow. According to the forecasts of AECOM international company, the current travel market volume of 500 thousand tourists a year will grow and in 2025 amount to more than 3 million tourists a year in the best-case scenario and upwards of 1.2 million in the worst-case scenario,” says the message of an investor.  

The total amount of investments in Amberlend will be about RUB 45bn.            A gambling zone and family holiday and entertainment sites will be created as part of the project.

The first site will be put into commission in autumn of 2015. It will be a modern business class hotel with restaurants, casinos and entertainment centers. Other facilities to be built in Amberlend include more hotel and casino complexes, restaurants and bars, exclusive villas and suits, a promenade with an amusement park, and recreation and SPA centers.

According to Delfin's CEO Sergey Romashkin, the region is currently lacking quality accommodation facilities.

"This is a very welcome initiative, because it has been very long since modern, high-capacity facilities were built in Kaliningrad Region. Although it is yet unknown how much it will cost to actually stay there," he says.

The expert also said that the demand for the company's tours to the destination grew 10%.

"All things considered, this summer season has proven to be the best for the domestic market for the last 6 years. We detected 20-30% growth in demand as early as February-March. The advertising campaign for the Olympics fostered interest in the entire Krasnodar Territory. For instance, demand for Sochi this year grew about 25-30% and for Anapa – 40%. Further growth of demand can be attributed to a surge in patriotic sentiment following the annexation of Crimea and the EU sanctions. Another factor that contributed to the growth of demand for domestic destinations was the bankruptcy of outbound tourism operators,” said Anatoly Romashkin.

The expert estimates the domestic market’s growth this year to be about 20%.
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