Famous Patong beach welcomes tourists after large-scale cleaning

Alena Donskaya, 04.08.2014 17:36
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The famous Patong beach on the no less famous travel destination Phuket Island has been returned its pristine beauty. The program for cleaning the beach was initiated in early July by the Thai National Council for Peace and Order.

Patong is located on the western shore of Phuket Island and is currently one of the most beloved holiday spots among all tourists coming to Thailand. Patong got its fame thanks to snow-white sand, beautiful sunsets and busy nightlife. However, in the course of last years the beach has become crowded with tradespeople.

“During the cleaning program, organized and supervised by the National Council for Peace and Order, things that hindered movement were removed from the beach, such as food kiosks, massage huts, and other illegal kiosks,” said CEO of the Tourism Authority of Thailand Thawatchai Arunyik. “Now each guest of the beach will be able to enjoy it in its pristine condition.”

In the middle of July the authorities examined the entire 3.5 km territory of the beach with a view to removing illegal facilities as part of the amelioration program for improving the image of the country and of Phuket in particular.

The beach cleaning program represented the last in a number of measures taken by the National Council for improving the travel experience for tourists, both local and international, who visit various sights in Thailand. Further plans for Phuket include carrying out similar programs for cleaning the other four beaches, and also banning illegal taxis.

Various measures are also being taken in Bangkok, where queues for taxis in Suvarnabhumi Airport are being actively equipped with computers; at the same time, Pattaya beaches are also being cleaned.

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