Tourist Train Route from Samara to Nizhny Novgorod to Open in June

Adriana Smirnova, 13.06.2014 07:01
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The first train will depart on the route Samara – Nizhny Novgorod on June 12. The tour operator servicing the trip will be Russian Railway Tours. On the morning of June 14, the 450 tourists who are expected to come on the trip will arrive back in Samara.

Diana Lavrikova, Press Secretary of Russian Railway Tours, told TRN magazine that railway tours were enjoying pretty good demand, and train tickets almost always sold out. There are still a few seats remaining for the tour Samara – Nizhny Novgorod.

During this trip, tourists will be offered three programs, two of which include a visit to Nizhny Novgorod, and the other one – to the city of Arzamas, organized especially for those who want to visit Serafimo-Diveevsky Monastery.

The 12 compartment cars of the train are all up to the modern standard. The tour price includes a round-trip train ticket, excursion services, and food. Diana Lavrikova says that the tour price depends on the program you choose. For instance, a trip to Nizhny Novgorod will cost 6,470 rubles ($188.5), to Arzamas – 6,960 ($203), and both programs will cost 7,395 rubles ($215.5).

She also added that railway tours were popular among various categories of tourists. Russian Railway Tours also plans on launching a tourist train on the route Ufa – Kazan on June 12. Previous tourist routes organized by the company include Samara – Kazan, Moscow – Nizhny Novgorod, Chelyabinsk – Kungur – Perm, Samara – St. Petersburg, and other destinations.

Regional tour operators are also paying attention to developing railway tourism. For instance, Samara-based travel company ‘Profcentre’ has been working at it for a few years now. This year, in collaboration with Russian Railway Tours, it is launching a tourist train along the ‘Golden Ring’.

“It is our second time organizing this very popular program. A trip like this cost 11,900 rubles ($347) in November, and now the price has gone up a bit. The trip itself takes 4 days, with an interesting excursion program to entertain the tourists,” said General Director of the company Yelena Martynenko.

Earlier in the year, during the 2014 Winter Olympics, Profcentre organized a railway tour from Samara to Sochi for the tour operator, as part of the railway tourism development project “My Great Russia”, organized in Samara Oblast and supported by the Ministry of Sports and the Tourism Board of Samara Oblast.

Among the tourists there were families with children, sports fans, married couples, sportsmen, students and schoolchildren. The tour package consisted of a round-trip ticket for a train car of a chosen class, a stay of 3 days/2 nights, insurance, and visiting sports events: hockey (Russia v. Germany), luging, biathlon, and figure skating. The total number of tourists who went on the trip was 270 people.

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