Passenger Traffic from Moscow Airports Grows 11% in 2013

Vladimir Savelyev, 27.05.2014 13:04
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Passenger traffic from the Moscow airports grew 11% in 2013. Taken in absolute terms, it was 70.9m people. Speaking at the forum ‘Tourist Routes. Autumn 2014–Winter 2015’, Marketing Director of Domodedovo Airport Aleksey Yarosh said that they detected a slowdown in growth, since in 2012 its rate was 13%.

This year, the estimated passenger traffic is going to be 76.3m passengers.

According to Yarosh, in 2012 the tourist flow on the international air lines of the Moscow airports constituted 42% (16.1m) of the total passenger traffic, and in 2013 – 44% (18.1m). The number of tourists is predicted to reach 19.8m this year.

Domodedovo’s marketing director said that tourist flow was growing in proportion to the total passenger traffic, its share being a stable 42-46% for the past few years.

“Its growth is unaffected by the financial situation in the country and by the GDP growth. Such is the trend of the last years,” said Yarosh.

He also said that the tourist flow from the Moscow airports was normally higher during spring and summer than during autumn and winter. For instance, it was 11.8m people during the spring and summer of 2012, while during the autumn and winter of 2012-2013 it was 4.8m. The results for the same periods of 2013 and 2013-2014 were 13.3m (+13.1%) and 5.7m (+5.9%) respectively.

During October-March of 2013-2014, the outbound tourism market of the Moscow airports grew 5.2%, which was a drop in comparison with the same period of 2012-2013, when the growth was 18.3%. The biggest growth rate was demonstrated by Bulgaria (+62%), Israel (+40%), Turkey (+28%), Thailand (+24%), Spain (+21%), the Dominican Republic (+20%) and Mexico (+20%). Also, tourist flow skyrocketed to Cuba (+289%) and Sri Lanka (+188%).

Yarosh said that Cuba, Sri Lanka, the Dominican Republic and Mexico exhibited such growth thanks to the increased carriage volumes.

As for Egypt, Cyprus, France, Austria, Italy and the Czech Republic, they all demonstrated negative results for the period. Egypt lost 7%, and it now takes up 21% of the Moscow airports’ outbound tourism market.

‘Tourist Routes. Autumn 2014–Winter 2015’ Forum was first held in 2002. It has since come to be known as a traditional meeting place for airline and travel company representatives and a professional communication platform that provides great opportunities for establishing new ties, drawing up travel programs for the upcoming season, and for exchanging professional information about new services and technology.

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