Domestic Tourist Flow to Crimea to Reach 3m in 2014

Sergey Vladimirov, 12.05.2014 07:35
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During the summer season of 2014, Russian Ministry of Culture and Russiatourism are determined to increase the number of Russian tourists in Crimea to 3 million people, said Deputy Russian Ministry of Cultre Alla Manilova during the conference ‘Government Support for Small Hotels and Small Businesses in Tourism’, which took place at the end of last week in St. Petersburg, reports the TRN magazine correspondent.

According to her, government offices have been tasked with doubling the number of Russian tourists on the peninsula. Crimea’s Tourism and Resorts Ministry estimates the number of tourists who visited the peninsula during the latest season (from May to September) to be almost 6 million tourists (average holiday duration – 10-14 days), and only each 5th of them came as part of an organized group.

According to 2013 statistics, the tourist flow distribution was as follows: upwards of 65% tourists were Ukrainian citizens, 26% - Russians, 6% - Belarusians. Among the rest of the visitors there were many Turks, Germans, and Baltic residents. As for transportation, 66% of tourists went to Crimea by train, 24% - by car, and only 10% flew in.

The structure of Crimean tourism will change due to objective factors; however, our mission is to get over this ‘quiet’ interval,” emphasized Alla Manilova. “I am sure that not much administrative effort will be needed to increase the Russian tourists flow to Crimea, and two years down the line we will already be talking about how all tours to the peninsula have been sold out.”

Alla Manilova believes that there are at least three factors that will make Crimea more attractive for Russian tourists. They are: unique natural and climatic conditions, serious demand for staff in the peninsula’s health industry, and rich cultural and historical heritage.

I am sure that for those who go to Crimea in order to improve their health the peninsula’s unique climate and qualified staff take precedence over the amount of renovations in spa hotels,” she says. “Add to that the manifold excursion capabilities of Crimea and you get a huge touristic potential of the peninsula, which we will start tapping into this year.”

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