Sevastopol Expects an Inflow of 25k Tourists

Vladimir Savelyev, 05.05.2014 13:51
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According to the official statistics, last year Sevastopol was visited by about 1.5 million tourists, said Head of Tourism and Regional Relations Office of Sevastopol’s Administration Natalia Kolomina during a media tour across Crimea organized for Russian reporters.

She said that the actual number of tourists was higher. The official does not expect Ukrainians to visit this year, although many of them do want to come.

We will also lose cruise tourists (about 37 thousand people), since some political issues remain unresolved,” said Kolomina.

She abstained from giving a forecast for this season, but she noted that 25 thousand tourists could simultaneously come to Sevastopol. According to her, the duration of the season varies – it can last up to September-November. Sevastopol is a tourist-oriented city first and a resort – second. Event tourism is the key attraction of the city, and one that allows for around-the-year tourism.

For instance, Sevastopol boasts better celebrations of Victory Day and Navy Day than other Crimean cities. We also hold a number of different festivals: ‘War and Peace’, guitar poetry festival ‘Balaklava Holidays’, and ‘Yacht Festival’,” she said.

In addition, tourists can find military and patriotic, wine, children’s and active tours in Sevastopol.

Kolomina also added that the city’s hoteliers were actively engaged in advertising their accommodation facilities in Russia. Recently, they have visited 6 cities (Belgorod, Kursk, Orel, Lipetsk, Tambov, Voronezh), where they held meetings with the local tour operators and businessmen. Also, this May the city will participate in two tourist exhibitions in Moscow.

Finally, the necessary agreements with the Moscow authorities are already in place for Sevastopol’s advertising campaign in the capital.

The media tour was organized as part of the national convention ‘Holidays in Crimea – 2014’, which took place in Yalta on April 26. It was opened by acting Head of the Crimean Republic Sergei Aksenov, Deputy Head of Russiatourism Dmitry Amunz, and by Crimea’s Minister of Tourism Yelena Yurchenko. Among the convention’s events was a press-conference with the said officials, a workshop, and round table discussions on children’s, health and excursion tourism.

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