Turkey Meets Russians Halfway

Adriana Smirnova, 30.04.2014 07:22
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Turkish authorities have made a decision to move the date of the new rules on the validity period of foreign passports becoming effective to the end of this year, TRN magazine was told in the Turkish Embassy’s Moscow department of culture and tourism.

A resolution by the Council of Ministers, which postpones the date of the new law taking effect, will become effective before April 30. This means that Russians will be able to enter Turkey under old rules,” they said in the embassy.

On April 11, the Turkish government introduced new requirements to Russian foreign passports. Their validity period must be no less than 120 days on the date of a tourist’s entry to the country.

Association of Tour Operators sent a letter earlier to the Turkish Ministry of Culture and Tourism, whereby they appealed for cooperation on the matter of a possible postponement of the new law ‘On Foreigners and International Protection’.

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