New Rules of Children Railroad Transportation

Adriana Smirnova, 24.04.2014 07:43
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Starting April 13, new sanitary and epidemiological requirements for the railway transportation of children came into effect, reports Russiatourism.

The Agency’s statement says that the new document makes it a lot easier to transport organized groups of children (8 or more kids) by train. It streamlines the requirements for feeding children, having a number of children’s medical certificates and providing a compulsory medical escort.

According to the document, a medical escort will be needed only in case the traveling time exceeds 12 hours and the group consists of 30 or more people. Also, from now on persons, who “had standard first aid training”, are admitted to the medical check. In addition, some medical certificates are no longer required, and the procedure of feeding children has been changed.

Previously, children transportation required, in addition to an escorting doctor, all cars to be equipped with a dry toilet and AC units, and feeding schoolchildren was only allowed in dining cars.

Travel companies welcomed the changes. Russiatourism’s statement says that the introduction of the latest sanitary standards for children group transportation was in large part made possible thanks to the help of the Children and Youth Tourism Committee of the Community Council of the Federal Agency for Tourism.

However, tour operators still have some requests regarding further development of children railroad transportation.

It is high time that the possibility of just changing the surname of a child who leaves or enters a group was introduced, as opposed to returning the ticket. It would help minimize losses and avoid problems in case a child, say, gets a seat in a different car,” says Senior Expert on excursion programs of Roza Vetrov tour operator Yelena Tapinskaya.

Travel companies would also want similar significant changes introduced to the rules regulating children group bus transportation.

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