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Alena Donskaya, 15.04.2014 07:28
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The Austrian Tourism Office presented travel opportunities of the European country to Siberians at the SITT exhibition, which opened in Novosibirsk Expoсentre on April 10, reports the TRN correspondent.

Austria’s national office made its first foray into the Siberian region during the 90s. Marketing expert for Austria’s Tourism Office of the Austrian Embassy Nikitas fon Rutten told the TRN correspondent that two years ago the Office ventured into this market again.

“Siberian tourists are of special interest to us. Austria is the number one country for winter ski tourism when it comes to the Russian market. Siberia is one of our strategic regions, along with the Central and North-Western regions, the South of Russia (Rostov, Krasnodar, Sochi) and the Urals (Yekaterinburg, Chelyabinsk). Our usual and closest partner in Siberia is Novosibirsk, but we are trying to establish ties with other cities as well. In 2012 we paid a visit to a Krasnoyarsk exhibition. Also, we have already visited Omsk, and we are planning on visiting Krasnoyarsk and Irkutsk next,” said the expert.

He added that many of the local tour operators were familiar with the product and often requested information assistance.

“We provide either the contact information of the tour operators who are selling a ready tourism product or the contacts of the Austrian DMCs. All tour operators in the Siberian region that work with the European destination (which there are a lot of) work closely with Austria and its ski resorts. Each company has its own special features and a peculiar style of work, which is why I am not going to single out any one of them,” said the marketing representative for the Austrian destination.

The main objective of the Austrian Office is to support the travel business and inform tour operators and travel agencies about what Austria has to offer in terms of tourism. Ski tourism is the primary focus, but the excursion tourism is also of great importance. Austria’s advantageous geographical position allows for easy combinations of its excursions with the ones in the Czech Republic, Hungary, Slovakia and other European countries. This tourism product is currently relatively unknown among our people, and it is being promoted on the market. It has already piqued the interest of Siberian tourists who try to make their holidays in Europe as rich and varied as possible.

Many choose southern regions, for instance, the sunlit Korintsk Riviera on the southern side of the Alps. Venice is just 3 hours away from there, with its excursion programs and shopping opportunities. But, as the marketing expert for the Austrian Office has already pointed out, the Austrian ski resorts remain a priority for Siberians and Russians on the whole.

We will be promoting Tyrol and the Salzburg region. During both presentations I will be speaking about the particular features of each of the valleys and about the main selling points of each ski resort. Skiing is combined with concerts and parties unique for each of the resorts. For instance, Ischgl resort often hosts concerts of world-famous music stars, and Sölden is the only place in Tyrol where there are thermae,” said the speaker.

It is worthy of note that 55% of global tourists prefer to go on holidays to Austria in summer, and 45% – in winter. As for Russia, only 32% of Russian tourists go to this country in summer, and 68% – in winter.


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