Moscow’s Travel Business Needs 30k ‘Aces’ before 2016

Adriana Smirnova, 03.04.2014 13:16
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Moscow’s travel industry will need about 30 thousand qualified specialists before 2016, more than 4.5 thousand of whom ought to have higher education. That is what Head of the Development Department of the Moscow Tourism and Hotel Business Committee Alexandr Kolesnikov said at the business meeting ‘New Framework: Travel Business and Universities’, which takes place today, on March 28, at the Hotel Business and Tourism Institute (HBTI).

According to him, the capital’s travel companies will need about 4 thousand specialists for the current period, 2.7 thousand of them having higher education.

To be more specific, right now there is ample demand for interpreter guides with the knowledge of hard and rare languages, namely – Japanese, Chinese, Korean, and Finnish. Moscow’s government is ready to support such specialists – upon registering as a sole proprietor, the rare breed of interpreter will receive a non-refundable grant of 500 thousand rubles,” said the expert.

He also added that those universities that are preparing these specialists will soon receive all the necessary information on this project.

Today, Moscow will host a meeting between travel business leaders and HBTI students of PFUR (Peoples' Friendship University of Russia) called ‘New Framework: Travel Business and Universities’.

The event is organized by independent online magazine Travel Russian News, Marketing Communications Agency PR2Point and Hotel Business and Tourism Institute (HBTI PFUR). Media support will be provided by TV channel ‘My Planet’.

The main aim of the event is to establish a brand new information platform that would serve as a meeting place for employers (travel companies) and their potential employees (students of travel universities).

During the meeting students will learn vital information about their career opportunities and establish connections with travel companies, all while closely studying these companies’ operations, development prospects and newest marketing strategies in the field of travel business, as well as the requirements of their potential employer.

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