Russia’s Eastern European Market Share – 60%

Alina Khorosheva, 27.11.2013 18:11
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80% of the Eastern European market of travel service online sales is controlled by 20% of the companies operating within the business. Such were the results gathered during a PhoCusWright research in Eastern European countries, which were announced by the company’s spokesman, Krasimir Simonski, on the international conference ‘Air Transport Marketing and Sales’ that was held in Moscow on November 21-22.

According to him, the sales market share in Eastern Europe is growing faster than the sector itself, seeing how in 2011 it was as little as 13,1% (+33% since 2010), in 2012 – 16,7% (+27% since 2011), and now, in 2013, the segment takes up 20,9% (+26% since 2012).

The palm of supremacy on this market goes to online travel agencies (OTA) – their number on the territory of all the countries in the region under research is growing exponentially. Second place in sales – airline websites, third – hotel websites, fourth place is held by railroad websites, and fifth – by car rental websites. Finishing last are the websites of travel agencies. This is a common trend for the Eastern Europe countries, including Russia.

“It is worth mentioning that Russia’s share of the online travel market is a hefty 38%, the remaining 62% being divided between the other Eastern European countries. As for the global online travel market, the country stands even taller here with a 60% share,” said the analyst.

The company also compiled a TOP-15 list of the world’s largest websites for booking travel services. Coming in first is, second – Expedia, third – Securing a spot in the top ten is also Ozon.Travel, and the « VIP-Service » holding.
Right now about 90% of the ‘online’ market is taken up by air ticket sales. Also, the number of tickets being sold through airline websites is slowly growing, as seen from the fact that in 2009 its percentage from total sales was only 1.1%, which remained the same during 2010, but in 2011 it was 2.1%, in 2012 – 2.8%, and this year it has already reached 3.6%.
Krasimir Simonski also outlined the market shares of Eastern Europe’s largest airlines. At the end of 2012 ‘Aeroflot’ controlled 37% of the respective Russian market, Czech Airlines – 44% of the Czech market; before going bankrupt Hungarian airline Malev was in control of 33% of the country’s market. Wizz Air ‘reigns supreme’ in Romania with 32% of the market, and it is projected to transport 12.3 million people, according to this year’s results.
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