DSBW presents January 2014 Index of Guided Tours EXDEX

Alena Donskaya, 05.02.2014 15:57
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Tour operator DSBW presents the Index of Guided Tours ‘EXDEX’ for January 2014 and its forecast for February 2014. We’d like to draw your attention to the fact that EXDEX consists of two indicators – Index of demand for guided tours EXDEX-D and price index of guided tours EXDEX-P.

According to the experts in February demand for sightseeing tours in Russia will grow by 38.7%.


Tour operator experts have analyzed 11 top destinations. They are as follows: Italy, Spain, France, Portugal, Great Britain, Austria, Germany, Switzerland, Holland, Czech Republic and Norway.

Amid a seasonal change in demand for sightseeing tours due to a higher demand for New Year destinations a number of search queries on European sightseeing tours in different booking systems decreased by 9.3% as compared to December. Thus a number of queries amounted to 12 928 in December, and to 11 723 in January.

The experts expect more than 19 thousand related queries to be registered in search engines at the end of February. As expected, Italy, Czech Republic and Spain will increase by 41%.

Leaders list has undergone slight changes in January. Italy is accounted for the highest number of queries on sightseeing tours in December – 5010, Spain is rated the second here – 2 345, and France – the third with 1091 queries.

Czech Republic follows them with 981 queries, Germany – with 711, Portugal – with 538, Switzerland – with 375, Austria – 314, Great Britain – 144, Norway – 132. Holland (93) is the last on the list.

It is notable that last month demand for Switzerland increased by 24.8%, for France by 21.3% and for Spain by 5.4%. As it was mentioned above, other destinations have slightly decreased in queries.



To analyze price index of tours at December month-end DSBW analysts compared the corresponding prices for Russian companies’ tour products in the field of sightseeing European tours. Equivalent tours (equivalent by duration, accommodation categories, package) of different tour operators were used as a basis. Among these tour operators are: DSBW, De Visu, TourTranVoyage, Tex Tour, Jazz, Danko, Astravel, Vand International Tour, Oostmarkt, BSI Group, Eldorado tour, Global contact, KMP group.

Having summarized the information, the analysts figured out the overall index that gives insight into the average price for a European sightseeing tour in December. It consisted of 753 518 points.

Portugal (992$), Holland (926$) and Great Britain (892$) are the three most expensive destinations in terms of January average price for a tour.

The composite index for tours to Switzerland amounted to 865 points, to France – 756 points, to Germany – 700 points, to Spain – 675 points, to Austria – 662 points.

Tour operators in Austria (662$), in Italy (from 530$) and in Czech Republic (from 519$) were selling the cheapest sightseeing tours programs.

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