TOP-20: Most High-Paying Jobs in Tourism

Alina Khorosheva, 25.11.2013 23:22
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The first two frontrunners are the Moscow vacancies of the ‘Head of the travel department’ and the ‘Hotel complex administrator’ – with a 150.000 rubles salary each. By the way, the administrator is wanted for a new international-standard hotel complex situated in Ruzsky District of Moscow Oblast, 70 km from the MKAD. The hotel was opened in spring of 2012 and it boasts 250 spacious rooms, 10 cottages, a recreational complex, restaurants, a bowling alley, a pool, playing zones for children and convenient parking spaces.

The employer for the second vacancy is unspecified, but it is known that it is a major tourist holding. Applicants are required to have good knowledge of the prevailing tendencies and of the luxury segment on the whole, in particular what is needed is familiarity with the key global market players in the following fields: hotels, villas, yacht lease, helicopter lease, car lease, guide and translator services. In addition, the knowledge of the private flight booking procedure is required, good grasp of the MICE segment, good command of foreign languages and the ability to solve problems that arise during trips.

The third place in the list is taken up by the vacancy of the ‘Financial manager’ from a hotel in Krasnokamensk city of Zabaykalsky Krai. The employer offers the salary of 120.000 rubles. The responsibilities of a successful candidate will include management accounting, preparing analytical reports for the management, analyzing economic activity of the enterprise, coordinating contracts and keeping payment schedule.

Also landing a spot in the top five are the vacancies of the ‘Administrator’ for the Vladivostok hotel complex with 100.000 rubles and the ‘Tourism manager’ for the Moscow tourist agency Open-Travel, who is going to make from 80 to 150 thousand rubles. This premium-class agency works with the Dominican Republic, Cuba, Mexico and Jamaica.

The future tourism manager of the tourist company Magic Travel (based in Moscow) can count on about the same salary. The company organizes individual, group and corporate trips to rare destinations worldwide.

Naturally, the backbone of the list is made up of Moscow-based companies, but there are offers from regional employers as well. Among them are the ‘Cruise boat administrator’ (Kazan, Grand Circle Corporation) – 70-90 thousand rubles; ‘General manager’ – up to 120 thousand rubles (Ulyanovsk, ‘Barcelona’ hotel); ‘Head of tourism department’ – 50-90 thousand rubles (St. Petersburg, tourist company ‘Sobytie’).

Coming back to Moscow, specialists are wanted for the position of the ‘Sales manager of tourist services’ for the ‘Class Tour’ company, with the salary from 1.500 to 3.000 euro, and a major Russian business travel company is in an urgent need of an implant manager specializing in booking and selling air tickets and ground services, the salary is 80-100 thousand rubles.

Moving on, the agency ‘Visa to Europe’ is looking for the head of the visa department. A successful candidate is expected to earn from 50 to 120 thousand rubles, bonuses and percents included. One of the leading companies in the field of business travel and all-inclusive corporate services – Global Corporate Service Business Group – is searching for the head of the MICE business travel department, and the salary starts at 70 thousand rubles.

Another Russian business travel company is looking for an airline liaising expert and is ready to pay 65-90 thousand rubles. A successful candidate is expected to have higher education, 3 or more years of similar work experience, be capable of maintaining contractual relations with airlines and have good command of the English language.

Also securing a spot in the TOP-20 is an offer from the ‘Amaks’ company, which controls a hotel network on the Russian domestic market. The position is the hotel administrator, with the pay rate of 65 thousand rubles.

Another company looking for employees on HeadHunter is the renowned holding ‘VIP Service’. The position in question is that of a Travel coordinator, requiring higher education, 3-year work experience in tourism in a similar position, knowledge of the reservations system Amadeus, experience in booking hotels and good command of the English language.

Coming in last on the list are ‘Air ticket booking and sales agent’ and ‘Assistant administrator in a hostel network’ in Moscow, each with a 50-90 thousand rubles salary.

As TRN magazine reported earlier, experts estimate the majority of applicants for the position of a ‘tourism manager’ to be young people. The requirements for rookies are pretty straightforward: any education will do as long as the applicant knows his or her way around computers. As for the good knowledge of reservation systems and foreign languages, they are considered to be an additional advantage.

But when it comes to the more experienced applicants for the higher-paying jobs, good grasp of the tourism market, hotels and destinations is required, as well as experience in preparing visa and other tour-related documents and the knowledge of the following programs – Sirena, Amadeus, ‘SAMO-tour’ and ‘Master-tour’.

‘Elite-grade’ contenders are to know several foreign languages, be able to arrange VIP-tours, have work experience in the MICE sector and have a ready client base which they would bring with them to a company.

By the way, during 2013 there has been general year-over-year growth of 8% in the pay rate within the field of tourism, hotel and restaurant business. The position of a ‘hotel administrator’ is noted for the highest spike in the average salary, as it used to be around 70 thousand rubles in 2012, while in 2013 it has reached 100 thousand rubles, showing 42.8% growth.

It is worth mentioning that last year the most sought-after position on the tourism, restaurant and hotel labor-market was that of a ‘client manager’, wherein the competition on average was 12 people for the job. Second place went to a ‘sales manager’, third – to a ‘tourism manager’, and fourth – to a ‘head of the sales office’.
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