EXDEX: Demand for excursion tours down 32%

Alena Donskaya, 09.07.2014 19:09
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In June, the average price of excursion tours to Europe offered by Russian tour operators was 7% higher than in May, with demand for these tours dropping more than 32% since May. These are the results of Excursion Tour Index EXDEX for June of 2014, which was compiled by the DSBW analysts.

The DSBW experts expect the demand to increase a little in July. According to the forecast, it will constitute about 20-23 thousand queries in various search engines.

EXDEX index has two components – EXDEX-D, index of demand for excursion tours, and EXDEX-P, price index of excursion tours.


The tour operator’s experts have analyzed 11 highest-ranking destinations, among which were Italy, Spain, France, Portugal, the UK, Austria, Germany, Switzerland, Holland, the Czech Republic and Norway. There were 17 thousand queries in total.

The list of leaders in queries for excursion tours saw little change in May. The top five looked as follows: Italy – 7,398 (down almost 33%), Spain – 3,495 (down 32%), France – 1,595 (down 26%), the Czech Republic – 1,054 (down 52%), and Germany – 995 (down 12%).

Portugal had 953 queries (down almost 27%), Switzerland – 413, Austria – 419, Norway – 285 (up 22%, the only country with a positive result), Holland – 111, and the UK – 103.


For the purposes of analyzing the price index of tours for June, DSBW experts compared the prices of the respective products offered by the Russian travel companies that work on the European excursion tours market.

The analysis was based on equivalent tours (as regards their length, accommodation category, tour package contents) offered by various Russian tour operators.

Upon summarizing the collected data, the analysts produced a general index that showed the average price of an excursion tour to Europe in June. The index was 905 points, as compared to 841 points in May of 2014. That means that tour prices, on average, grew about 7%.

The top five leaders with the most expensive average tour price underwent some changes in May.

Switzerland was first with 1,870 points, then came the UK – 1,141 points, Holland was third – 946 points, Portugal – fourth with 936 points, and Austria was fifth in June, with 834 points.

The composite index of the tours to France was 805 points, to Spain – 764 points.

The top three most affordable destinations were Germany – 738 points, the Czech Republic – 512 points, and Italy – 501 points.

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