Crimea or Sochi: Which resort will Russians choose?

Alena Donskaya, 20.06.2014 17:35
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On June 10, carried out a poll among economically active Russian population above 18 years old. The respondents were to answer the following question: ‘If for your holiday you had to choose between Sochi and Crimea, which would you choose?’

A total of 1,600 people in all federal regions of the country (in 198 cities) were polled.

As a result, 51% of the respondents chose Crimea, 20% – Sochi, another 20% chose neither and 9% chose ‘No answer’.

Interestingly enough, men are more inclined to travel to Crimea than women – 54% against 48% respectively. As for the fair sex, they are more attracted to Sochi – 23% against 16%.

The respondents’ arguments in favor of Crimea were as follows: cleaner sea, cheaper prices (for now), beautiful nature, historical sights and a wide range of health tourism opportunities.

Those who were in favor of Sochi said that the city had superior infrastructure and a calmer political situation. Also, many were tempted by the prospect of visiting new Olympic facilities of the oldest Russian resort.

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