Excursion Tour Index EXDEX: March Results

Alena Donskaya, 14.04.2014 11:32
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Demand for excursion tours to Europe is expected to drop 25.62% in April. Such is the forecast compiled by DSBW’s analysts based on the Excursion Tour Index EXDEX for March of 2014. According to the experts’ findings, the number of search queries for excursion tours to Europe in various online booking systems will amount to 20,172 in April, as opposed to 27,121 in this year’s March.

In March, demand for excursion tours grew 8.25% as compared to February of 2014. But February also marked a steep rise in demand – 52.07% (as compared to January).

The traditional growth of interest in excursion tours at the beginning of the year slows by April and goes slightly down. Also, the market situation, which is currently hurting demand for European holidays, will also affect the decline of interest in excursion destinations. The usual 10% drop for the period will be more significant and amount to about 25% due to the high euro exchange rate and the volatile situation around Crimea,” says DSBW’s Director for Contract Work Pavel Gusyatnikov.

EXDEX index has two components – EXDEX-D, index of demand for excursion tours, and EXDEX-P, price index of excursion tours.


The tour operator’s experts have analyzed 11 highest-ranking destinations, among which were Italy, Spain, France, Portugal, the UK, Austria, Germany, Switzerland, Holland, the Czech Republic and Norway.

The leaders list saw some changes in March. The largest number of search queries for excursion tours was registered in Italy – 11,723 (a drop of 13.68%), Spain – 5,554 (a drop of 13.19%), France – 2,543 (a slight growth), the Czech Republic – 1,996 (a slight drop) and in Portugal – 1,525.

Germany came in with 1,241 queries. It is interesting to note that the country lost 77.63% as compared to January, and in March, on the contrary, had a 87.18% increase.

The rest of the list looked as follows: Switzerland – 998, Austria – 746, Norway – 307, the UK – 247, Holland – 241.


For the purposes of analyzing the price index of tours for February, DSBW experts compared the prices of the corresponding products offered by the Russian travel companies that work on the European excursion tours market. Among these products of the Russian tour operators, similar tours of the same duration, accommodation categories, and package services were taken as the basis for the comparison.

Upon summarizing the collected data, the analysts produced a general index that showed the average price of an excursion tour to Europe in March, which was 837 points.

The top five leaders with the most expensive average tour price were Portugal – 1,147 points, France – 1,001 points, the UK – 976 points, Holland – 994 points and Switzerland – 891 points.

The composite index of the tours to Spain was 823 points, to Germany – 736 points, to Austria – 682 points.

Just like before, the most affordable tours in March were to Italy – 554 points and to the Czech Republic – 565 points.


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